Massive thanks to Dave Smith for Photographing our event

Winner: FCM Stage Magician of the Year

This highly prestigious trophy is awarded to the winner of an annual magic competition, held between the best magicians in the UK. Steve won this competition in February 2007.

Awarded: The Pete McCahon Comedy Award

This award is given for "outstanding comedy". Steve won this distinguished prize in February 2008 for his unique and original "Omelette Roulette" routine - a safe and hilarious version of "Russian Roulette" - using eggs! It was this routine that Steve used to achieve his status as...

Winner: Associate of the Inner Magic Circle

Steve is one of around 1500 magicians worldwide who are members of The Magic Circle and one of only 300 who are Associates of the Inner Magic Circle. Steve Price is one of the UK's busiest and most established comedy magicians. He enjoys a reputation as an original and adaptable performer of great experience. Steve uses his unique mix of comedy, magic and mayhem to amaze and amuse audiences all around the world.

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Stefano begins studying circus at Circus School in Madrid. In 2002-04 he continue his artistic formation at the contemporary circus school The Circus Space. After the school he co-founded the theatre-circus company Compania LA with Ruben Rio. With their show Hambre they have toured festivals and theatres around Europe. At the moment he is devising his new solo show On My Way.

He worked with Company F.Z. (Who is afraid of Alfred Hitchcock? 2004, Besame Mucho Cabaret 2007-08), The generating Company (Storm 2007), Theatre Rites (Hang on 2009), Ockham's Razor (The Mill 2010-2011).

"dazzling juggling Skills"- the stage


A playful and dynamic piece of juggling and object manipulation. "Attimi" explores the intimate world of an eccentric character: a chair, a little suitcase, a wheel and his bouncing balls.

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Zoe trained as a competitive gymnast for 11 years. She began her gymnastics career in France where she was born and continued it in California when her family moved there in 1991.

After an injury forced her to quit gymnastics in 1999, Zoe pursued other interests and eventually completed a BA in Studio Art from the University of California in 2005. She then moved to London and rediscovered her love of acrobatics when she enrolled in the Circus in Performance course at Greentop Circus in Sheffield.

Zoe has now completed a BA in Circus Arts from The Circus Space in London where she specialised in handbalancing and continued to train acrobatics. In Scarlet Cabaret you will see Zoe perform her amazing hand balancing act.

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What is more important... to know why we laugh or to laugh? A comical, musical, acrobatic trip looking for emotions, simplicity and communication. A clown and his small friend who would make his life very difficult. A silent act with a lot of imagination.

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